Project Lawsuit Abuse:
Stories from the Frontlines of Lawsuit Abuse

Don’t Let Trial Lawyers Choose Your Judges

Judges make a lot of important decisions on issues ranging from healthcare to speeding tickets. Judges can also impact state economies, depending on whether they decide to stand up to lawsuit abuse. But did you also know that activist judges can actually overturn commonsense legal reform measures put in place by state legislatures?

Perpetrator of Lawsuit Fraud Arrested

Paul Ceglia has spent the last two years pursuing a lawsuit against Facebook, claiming that founder Mark Zuckerberg promised him partial ownership of the company in a 2003 contract. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that Ceglia’s claims are entirely fraudulent, with authorities saying that Ceglia “doctored, fabricated and destroyed” evidence.

Project Lawsuit Abuse Newsmakers

Tort reformers have been turning up all over the internet recently. We took the liberty of rounding up some of the standouts. You may recognize a few friends of Project Lawsuit Abuse in there. Here are some of the newsmakers from around the country.

Lawsuit industry fueling Judy Cates’ court campaign

Get to Know Your Judges

Lately, Project Lawsuit Abuse has been reminding you about the importance of judicial elections. The fact is that judges have a huge impact on our lives – they can determine whether your city is a magnet for jobs or a magnet or lawsuits! Voters need to inform themselves about their judicial candidates and find out which ones will fight against lawsuit abuse and stand up to trial lawyers. 

Personal Foul on Personal Injury Lawyers

What’s next to be lost to lawsuits? How about football…

While a game of pigskin, tackles, tailgating and autumn weekend afternoons may seem harmless to many, New Hampshire residents point out that the dangers involving football plays may peak the attention of lawyers.

The New York Times quotes Dr. Paul Butler at Dover High School stating that if the school didn’t put in its own regulations, “the lawyers will do it for us” someday.

We’ve reported before about some of America’s best past times being lost to lawsuits – remember the reports from playgrounds across the country where “seesaws are being torn out, jungle gyms lowered and merry-go-rounds removed?”

More Shakedown Lawsuits in California

Should the purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) be to make the lives of disabled people easier or to make lawyers money? It appears that trial lawyer George Louie thinks it is the latter. Recently, he threatened to sue dozens of small City businesses in Yuba City over minor ADA violations. To protect its citizens from his lawsuits, Yuba City actually paid George Louie to stay away.

While Yuba City is safe from George Louie, it is still vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits brought by other abusive trial lawyers. Cases like this make it clear that lawyers filing dozens of lawsuits don’t care if ADA violations are fixed – they just want their money!

Where's the money?

Just last week, Project Lawsuit Abuse told you about how trial lawyers are funding Judy Cates’ campaign for 5th District Appellate Court in Illinois. Now, it looks like they’re doing the same thing in Louisiana, funneling thousands of dollars to Judge Jewel E. “Duke” Welch’s campaign for Louisiana Supreme Court. In fact, trial lawyer donations account for more than 80% of Welch’s overall contributions.

Trial Lawyers and Elections

Lately, the news has been full of reports about unscrupulous trial lawyers.  In September, a trial lawyer was disbarred for illegally demanding $2 million from a client. Two weeks ago, Scott Johnson, who is responsible for thousands of ADA lawsuits across California, was accused of crimes (that we won’t mention here).

Getting Cleaned Out By Class Actions

Class action lawsuits are meant to help provide efficiencies in the legal system.  But do they always result in fairness?

In the case of Glazer v. Whirlpool, fairness could be determined by the U.S. Supreme Court. This class action, involving the high efficiency washing machines and a potential to develop an odor later, has been appealed to the court.  

California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse Honor Assemblyman Ricardo Lara

Editor's Note: Project Lawsuit Abuse regularly highlights lawsuit abuse news from across the country. Today, By Maryann Marino, Regional Director of California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, contributed a guest post as part of the continuing Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits tour.

The “Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits” Tour pulled into South Gate for a spirited luncheon and media event last Wednesday. We’ve been traveling around California hearing small business owners share their experiences with lawsuit abuse or fear of lawsuits.