Project Lawsuit Abuse:
Stories from the Frontlines of Lawsuit Abuse

Trial Lawyer Donates to Florida Campaign

Over time, we’ve seen personal injury lawyers invest heavily in political campaigns to keep trial lawyers in office and influence elections. This PIL influence is happening again in Florida, where a Texas trial lawyer has been donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to Charlie Crist’s PAC in Florida. The Florida gubernatorial race was expected to be heavily funded, but the Texas lawyer’s investment is a classic example of the trial lawyer’s grip on politics.

Crist, also a personal injury lawyer, works for Morgan & Morgan, which is one of the most infamous personal injury law firms in the state. 

Read more about trial lawyer campaign contributions here.

Man Sues His Rescuers

Imagine you were trapped in a car during a catastrophic flood, and first responders saved your life, successfully extracting you from the waters. You would probably be grateful, right? At the very least, we’re guessing you wouldn’t sue your rescuers. 

But that’s exactly what a Colorado man is doing. Mere months after his dramatic rescue from Colorado floodwaters, Roy Artiz is filing suit against the first responders who saved him. Among other issues, Ortiz claims that the rescuers took too long to save him. 

The Napkin Lawsuit

You’ve probably heard of the ridiculous McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit – but, believe it or not, a recently filed “napkin” lawsuit against McDonald’s might be even more outrageous.  

Here’s what happened: a man went into a McDonald’s, ordered food and allegedly only received one napkin with his meal. Afterward, he emailed the general manager to complain about the experience, and the manager agreed to offer him some free food as an apology gesture. Sounds like a good enough deal, right?

Sick of Lawsuits is Headed Back to CPAC!

We have some exciting news for you – Sick of Lawsuits is heading back to CPAC this year! 

We’ll be hosting a booth on the CPAC floor from March 6-8, so make sure to stop by and visit us for some fun giveaways and information on the movement. If you can’t make it, make sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for pictures and updates!

We look forward to meeting you – let's bring the fight against lawsuit abuse to CPAC! 

The REAL Cost of Lawsuit Loans

You’ve probably heard advertisements from lawsuit lending companies, promising “quick cash” and “no risk” loans. But the reality is that these companies are far from straightforward about the terms and costs of their loans.

For those of you unacquainted, here’s how lawsuit loans work: a plaintiff in a personal injury case, who is hoping for a favorable settlement, takes a lawsuit loan to cover immediate expenses such as car repairs and medical bills. But when the plaintiff finally wins his case and has to pay back the loan, he finds an unpleasant surprise: the company has charged him fees comparable to well over 100 percent in interest per year. The plaintiff now owes much more than he borrowed, and possibly even more than his court award or settlement!

A New Low for West Virginia’s Personal Injury Lawyer-Led Legislature

If you’re a longtime reader of our blog, you’ll know all about West Virginia’s former attorney general, Darrell McGraw. By all accounts, McGraw’s ethics during his twenty-year tenure as West Virginia AG were questionable, to say the least. For instance, he had a record of handing out state contracts to his personal injury lawyer campaign donors and spending state settlement funds on promotional  and self-serving trinkets

Chicago borrows money to settle lawsuits

Editor's Note: Project Lawsuit Abuse regularly highlights lawsuit abuse news from across the country. Today, Travis Akin, Executive Director of Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch, contributed a guest post for Project Lawsuit Abuse

The Chicago City Council recently rubber stamped Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan to borrow $900 million in bonds. The money will be used to restructure debt, pay for construction and other building costs and to cover legal settlements.

That’s right - the City of Chicago is borrowing money to pay for lawsuit settlements!

Project Lawsuit Abuse Newsmakers

Tort reformers have been turning up all over the internet recently. We took the liberty of rounding up some of the standouts. You may recognize a few friends of Project Lawsuit Abuse in there. Here are some of the newsmakers from around the country.

Attorney says AG grandstanding with price-gouging suit
West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has filed a lawsuit against a Putnam County business that allegedly was gouging customers in the wake of last month’s chemical spill that polluted the water of 300,000 residents. - The West Virginia Record

Fighting for Common Sense Reforms in Kentucky

It’s common sense – legal reforms to crack down on lawsuit abuse improve healthcare costs for everyone. Just ask Texas! After the state passed groundbreaking medical malpractice reforms in 2003, Texans’ access to quality and affordable healthcare greatly increased. 

Now, Kentucky is looking to follow Texas’ lead in cracking down on abusive medical malpractice lawsuits. The state legislature is currently considering a bill that would put medical malpractice lawsuits before a review panel before they could go to court, ensuring that only legitimate lawsuits could advance.

Florida Needs Jobs, Not Lawsuits!

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, providing two-thirds of all new jobs. But lawsuit abuse threatens small businesses, hurting their ability to grow and create jobs that we all need. 

That’s why a thriving economy and legal reform go hand in hand – as such, we’re hardly surprised that the Florida Chamber of Commerce identified legal reform as the number one priority for 2014, saying that lawsuit abuse is one of the chief obstacles in preventing small businesses from succeeding.