Newsmakers of the Day

We’ve rounded up some of the lawsuit abuse news that hit over the past few days. You may recognize a few friends of Project Lawsuit Abuse in there. Here are some of the newsmakers from around the country:

Tort reforms
“Regarding “Tort deform” (Page B11, Sunday), sadly, the Chronicle echoes the same old arguments from a personal injury lawyer front group that has opposed every legal reform ever passed or proposed in Texas. Naturally, they are now opposing a “loser pays” proposal that would force those who lose a legal case to pay the court costs of the winner.” Houston Chronicle

Top attorney
“The article “City’s corporation counsel to bring more work in house” (News, May 17) suggests there may be some good news ahead for Chicago taxpayers. According to the article, Stephen Patton, who was recently named the city’s corporation counsel, is looking for ways to cut costs. Patton plans to shift work from outside counsel to the staff lawyers. Last year alone, the city paid out a whopping $25.9 million to outside firms.” Chicago Tribune

California is the Worst State for Business, Seriously!
“I wish the title were an exaggeration, but sadly, it is not. On May 3rd, CEO Magazine came out with its annual survey of 550 business leaders asking about the best and worst states for doing business. The survey looked at a wide range of issues that included taxation, regulation, workforce quality and living environment.” Fox and Hounds Daily