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Mark Cuban sets fine example

Guest post by Diane Davis, executive director, East Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse.

Nevada Needs Jobs, Not Lawsuits

William Abraczinskas: Lawsuit Lookout from Reno, Nevada.William Abraczinskas: Lawsuit Lookout from Reno, Nevada.Guest author William Abraczinskas is a Lawsuit Lookout from Reno, Nevada and has worked for a small business for most of his career. 

As someone who has worked for a small Nevada business, I know what it takes to grow a business and try to provide the best opportunities for employees. As hard as we work and as much as we try to succeed, we’re always fighting the constant battle to avoid a lawsuit. 

Why I'm Voting for Jobs, Not Lawsuits in Florida

Bob MolsickBob Molsick

Guest post written by Bob Molsick, Sick of Lawsuits supporter and small business owner in Florida. 

As the proud owner of a Florida business, I’m always focused on growing my company and providing my employees with the opportunities they need to advance and thrive. Because of this, I have become increasingly concerned about the litigation environment in Florida and the direction my state is headed.

The Red Bull Class Action

Guest post by Tom Scott, National Spokesperson for Sick of Lawsuits and Executive Director of California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

The Red Bull class action lawsuit is complete bull****. Sorry, I figured that was the easiest way to get your attention.

In case you have not heard about it, the Austria-based drink giant settled a class action lawsuit for false advertising a couple of weeks ago for $13 million. As part of the settlement, consumers who bought the drink between January 1, 2002 and October 3, 2014 are eligible to receive $10 cash or $15 worth of Red Bull products.

Runaway ADA Lawsuits - A National Pastime

Guest Post by Tom Scott, National Spokesperson, Sick of Lawsuits

Recently, there has been a flood of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuits across the country. The problem began in California, where trial lawyers have focused on suing minority business owners. Just this past week, California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CACALA) held a press conference in Fresno, California where it documented that 180 small businesses had been sued on ADA violations, and nearly 80% of these suits were against minority owned businesses.

Is It Fall Yet?

Guest Post by Tom Scott, National Spokesperson, Sick of Lawsuits

Every day, I scan the media to see what is happening with lawsuit abuse. This summer has truly become the gold standard of ridiculous lawsuits. People are filing lawsuits in absolutely outrageous ways and I often wonder if they were even wronged.

Here is a small sampling of what I have seen this summer:

Mississippi May Roll Back Key Legal Reforms – Watch Out!

In 2004, Mississippi passed legislation limiting noneconomic damages in civil cases. This common sense reform cracked down on jackpot justice and ensured that state courts worked for everyone, not just personal injury lawyers looking to get rich.

But now, trial lawyers are asking the Mississippi Supreme Court to overturn that limit. Their motivation is clear – they want bigger awards so they can make more money. This case is less about justice than it is about lining their pockets.

We’re keeping our eye on this case. If Mississippi decides to move in this direction, it will be a major blow to the state’s legal climate and economy.  

The Real Enemy of Florida Job Growth

Ken Brown, OrlandoKen Brown, OrlandoI work hard every day to provide the best opportunities for my employees and grow my company.  As the owner of a leading provider of information technology staffing solutions and someone who is focused on identifying job opportunities and filling them with the best candidates – I understand the impact that a job can have on someone’s life and the power for business growth to build communities.

New evidence released in oil spill settlement debacle leaves another black eye on Louisiana’s legal reputation

Editor's Note: Project Lawsuit Abuse regularly highlights lawsuit abuse news from across the country. Today, Melissa Landry, Executive Director of Louisiana’s leading legal watchdog group, Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch (LLAW), contributed a guest post revealing new evidence about the Gulf oil spill settlement.

New data and information surfacing about the claims administrator for the Gulf oil spill settlement, Patrick Juneau, raise serious questions about whether he merits serving in this role. The new allegations also reinforce the notion of a legal system that’s gone awry.

Lawyer bringing Malaysia Airlines lawsuit now faces sanctions

Editor's Note: Project Lawsuit Abuse regularly highlights lawsuit abuse news from across the country. Today, Travis Akin, Executive Director of Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch, contributed a guest post for Project Lawsuit Abuse.

A Chicago aviation lawyer is facing sanctions for filing an allegedly frivolous lawsuit in the wake of the Malaysia Airline plane disappearance earlier this year.