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Wet Floor Sign Causes Pain and Mental Anguish

It’s time for another McDonald’s lawsuit. A West Virginia woman filed a lawsuit on March 21 against a Dunbar McDonald’s restaurant after an employee knocked over a wet floor sign, causing it to fall on the customer’s foot. 

In the lawsuit, the woman claimed that the she endured “physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, limitations in her activities and a diminution in her ability to enjoy life” after the incident.

What’s missing from the lawsuit is the exact physical damage the plaintiff endured. The woman is seeking unspecified damages.

West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse Executive Director chimed in: “In this case, obviously the facts have to be played out… those signs are not of substantial weight or impact, and you are seeing a request for punitive damages.”  Heath also pointed out that McDonald’s restaurants are no strangers to frivolous lawsuits.

Let’s hope the judge makes the right call on this one.