Runaway ADA Lawsuits – A National Pastime

Guest Post by Tom Scott, National Spokesperson, Sick of Lawsuits Recently, there has been a flood of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuits across the country. The problem began in California, where trial lawyers have focused on suing minority business owners. Just this past week, California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CACALA) held a press conference in Fresno, California where it documented that 180 small businesses had been sued on ADA violations, and nearly 80% of these suits were against minority ...
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Why I’m Voting for Jobs, Not Lawsuits in Florida

Guest post written by Bob Molsick, Sick of Lawsuits supporter and small business owner in Florida.  As the proud owner of a Florida business, I’m always focused on growing my company and providing my employees with the opportunities they need to advance and thrive. Because of this, I have become increasingly concerned about the litigation environment in Florida and the direction my state is headed. Small businesses like mine – the businesses who employ our neighbors, serve our customers and ...
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Nevada Needs Jobs, Not Lawsuits

William Abraczinskas: Lawsuit Lookout from Reno, Nevada.Guest author William Abraczinskas is a Lawsuit Lookout from Reno, Nevada and has worked for a small business for most of his career.  As someone who has worked for a small Nevada business, I know what it takes to grow a business and try to provide the best opportunities for employees. As hard as we work and as much as we try to succeed, we’re always fighting the constant battle to avoid a lawsuit ...
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The Real Enemy of Florida Job Growth

I work hard every day to provide the best opportunities for my employees and grow my company.  As the owner of a leading provider of information technology staffing solutions and someone who is focused on identifying job opportunities and filling them with the best candidates – I understand the impact that a job can have on someone’s life and the power for business growth to build communities. But as much as I try to grow my company and look for ...
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New York Trial Lawyers Are Spending Big on Lobbying

Last year, New York lawmakers considered common sense reforms that would insert fairness into the civil justice system by lowering awards in civil lawsuits. But trial lawyers took issue with this legislation – and the impact it would have on their paydays – and came out in full force against the bill. The trial lawyer lobby put its money where its mouth is, with their advocacy organizations spending a whopping $1.15 million to lobby against the bill. According to the ...
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